Our Cats


Noria Sempre*PL, blue tortie with white. Brave and very curious kitty, the owner of the most beautiful tail. He loves to mumble and cuddle.


Fogg, male, blue solid and his magnetic green eyes. At the same time, it awakens admiration and respect. Cat with the surname Sempre*PL. Son of Owenka and Duana. I am very proud of him.


Lille Sempre*PL, black tortie, because that’s how you can call all tortoises, character and change, it’s hard to keep up with them. Everywhere, her curiosity knows no limits.



We are a small Maine Coon cattery, we live in the Opolskie province. Our cats are registered in an association belonging to the organization Felis Polonia (FPL), which is under the patronage of FIFe - the largest International Federation of Felinology in the world.